David's Answers to Bzoink's 1000-Question Survey

Taken on March 7th (& 8th), 2006

1000 Questions -- The Longest Survey on Bzoink (Good luck!)
=>This or That<=
Pie or cake?::cake :)
Pie or 3.14159...?::3.14, of course
Chocolate or vanilla?::chocolaté
Black or white?::whitey
Ceiling or floor?::''to the windoooow! to the wall!''
Couch or bed?::it's a lot better to do stuff on the bed ;-)
Cough or sneeze?::sneeze :P
On or off?::leave it off
Closed or open?::keep it closed
Brush or comb?::my hands :)
Long or short?::long, baby
Big or small?::biggie
Wet or dry?::wet wet wet
Under or over?::going under
Top or bottom?::bottom
Fly or fall?::so fly
Smile or frown?::smiley :)
Tears of joy or tears of sorrow?::joy
Hot or cold?::hot hot hot (Appalachian is hot hot hot!)
Warm or cool?::warming up
Rough or smooth?::smooth up
Cat or dog?::kitty kats :)
Snake or bird?::birds
Shark or T-Rex?::umm, T-Rex?
Past or present?::revel in the past
Science fiction or fantasy?::www.fan-ta-see
Dull or sharp?::so dull
Live forever or die young?::it's too late for me to die young, so I'll live forever lol
Books or television?::who reads books these days?
Jump or skip?::jump (for your love)
Fast or slow?::fast
Run or walk?::walk this way
Guy or girl?::neither. I like women. ;-)
Disney or Warner Brothers?::Disney
Belle or Jasmine?::Jazzy Phe
Gaston or Cruella Deville?::Cruella
Food or friends?::food, unless you have friends who have food
Colors or black and white?::colors
Cute or pretty?::pretty :)
Good or evil?::good rules all
Fruits or vegetables?::I like fruit, you loop
Milk or juice?::juice
Hot chocolate or gingerale?::hot cocoa
Beer or wine?::Mountain Dew ;-)
Movies or cartoons?::moovies
Pillow or blanket?::fun pillows :)
Moon or stars?::to the moon & back
Sky or sea?::sea
Explode or implode?::explosions are cool
=>Odd Questions<=
What color is the bottom of your tongue?::uhh... purple?
Your foot?::beige-ish
Do you have any medical problems concerning feet?::nope... not even a foot fetish
Do you secretly fantasize about George W. Bush?::nahhhh. I like em old but not that old (and not male lol)
Do you chew on your homework?::my tongue is tastier
Pencils?::oh yeah
Do you read the dictionary?::not regularly
Encyclopedia?::Wikipedia :)
Atlas?::oh yeah!
Road map?::oh yeah!
Do you memorize random facts?::sure, why not?
Do you stalk anyone?::why? Who wants to know?
Does anyone stalk you?::not that I know
Do you cut the grass with a pair of scissors?::don't need to cut the grass. Someone else does it
Do you dust your lawn?::nahh
Do you collect dust?::unfortunately
Baby teeth?::nope
Have you ever thought of becoming a prostitute?::ehh, sure ;-)
Do you wish prostitution was legal?::it's not?
Do you use lotion on your feet?::nope
Do you have problems with Canadians?::nope, just the weather lol
Mexicans?::no comment ;-)
Americans?::there are a few
The French?::nahh
The English?::nahh
Have you ever played a kazoo?::yup
Have you ever shot someone?::nope
Something?::in summer camp as a kid :)
How many pairs of underwear do you own?::nine
What ring size are you?::dunno
Belt size?::dunno
Have you ever gotten anything amputated?::god, no!
Do you have a calendar from 2001 hanging in your room?::nope... it's in a box in the closet :)
Do you eat a lot?::not currently. I have a cold :P
Do you get excited over cameras?::absotively
Do you have a strange obsession with pickles?::nahhh
Poison?::the Alice Cooper song? Yes :)
Knives?::only the Tiptaptwo (Final Fantasy fans will get that one)
Cheese?::too cheesy
Penguins?::march along
Bald people?::I like hair
Scrawny African children?::who am I, Angelina?
Midgets?::that's very un-P.C. :P
Pirates?::I like booty :)
Corny jokes?::who doesn't?
Are you a virgin?::unfortunately :P
Are you a hermaphrodite?::lol no, but sometimes I think I have a vagina
Do you tie string to your teeth?::nahhh
Do you bite yourself?::on occasion
Cut yourself?::only when I have to open boxes at work and I miss
Do you get cold sores often?::not as often
Do you have a cold right now?::you read my mind! lol
Do you suffer from chronic migraines?::thankfully no
Do you like to touch sharp objects?::lol no!!!
Do you have a twitching problem?::nope
Are you homicidal?::nuh-uh
What do you do on the computer?::fill out surveys to post on Myspace :P
Anything your parents should know about?::nahh... they know everything they need to know
Are you happy with your life?::I'm content with it. It's the only one I got, right?
Is everybody else happy with your life?::I doubt it
Do you like 100% white grape juice?::never had it
Do you honestly believe that trees are, in fact, green?::not during the winter
How big is the universe?::eternal, right?
What's the logic behind your answer?::school, my boy
How many hours of sleep do you get every night?::8
What do you dream about?::floating, being naked in public, my mom (RIP), running on my hands
Anything your parents should know about?::no fair repeating questions :P
Do you fall for Internet advertisements?::on occasion
Do you enjoy bungee jumping?::no!!!
Do you have AIM?::yeah, but I rarely use it
A Neopets account?::nope
A Vampirefreaks account?::nope
A Quizilla account?::nope
A Bzoink account?::nope
Do you watch bugs crawl on the floor?::sometimes
Do you follow the bugs that crawl on the floor?::lol no
Do you get attacked by ladybugs?::nope
Are you scared of everything that breathes?::nope
Doesn't breathe?::lol nope
Are you scared of anything at all?::oh yeah, a buncha things. I'm a scaredy-cat
What?::automatic car washes, elevators, guns, talking to women, snakes, driving on skinny roads
Which cardinal direction do you like best?::down south, baby
Do you have a life?::lol no :P
Do you have a microphone on your computer?::not attached right now, but I do have one
A webcam?::nope
A scanner?::of course
A printer?::of course
A cordless mouse?::nope
Does your mouse light up?::nope
Are you scared of mice?::yup
What kind of computer do you have?::eMachines
Were you ever physically abused?::thankfully no
Verbally?::of course, who hasn't been?
Sexually?::I'm a virgin - take a guess
Do you wish you were a fish?::lol no
A cat?::yeah, being a cat would be cool
A dog?::nope, dogs are dumb
Do you have a cell phone?::shore do
What kind is it?::Verizon camera phone
Do you weasel out of things?::nope
Do your teachers like you?::I think they did
Do your parents like you?::I hope so
Do your siblings like you?::that I know for sure. My brudda likes me :)
Does karma, if it exists, love you?::karma bites me in the arse
Did you have a tail when you were born?::nope
Do you enjoy school?::if I didn't have to wake up at 6am for it
Do you sleep under or over the covers?::undercover (of the night)
Do you sleep in a bed?::can't sleep anywhere else
Do you catch yourself floating at times?::only in my dreams
Are you a packrat?::nope, I throw stuff out
Do you know HTML or CSS?::yes HTML, no CSS
Do you find yourself chewing on anything your fingers have touched?::lol I hold back on unchewables
Do you shy away from social situations?::of course, that's why I'm at home taking this survey lol
Are you obsessed with shiny things?::yes lol
Are you at least attracted to them?:::)~
Do you know what you're going to get for the holidays?::it's a surprise
Do you smash guitars or any other type of instrument?::I tried to break my brudda's tennis racket once, is that close?
Do you label other people?::who doesn't?
Are you proud?::no :P
Do you like scrambled eggs?::yes!
=>How bad can I make you Look?<=
Do you wash your hands frequently?::I avoid dirty situations, so no
Do you wet the bed?::lol no
What age did you stop?::I don't remember
Do you lie a lot?::on occasion
Do you forget to brush your teeth frequently?::yes :P
Brush your hair?::yes
Do you use deoderant?::nope
Do you masturbate?::who doesn't?
How often?::once a day :)
Are you an alcoholic?::no!!!!!
A druggie?::no
Do you drink illegally?::no
Do you wear underwear?::briefs all the way, baby
Do you change your underwear frequently?::once a day
Are you a coward?::yes
A loser?::yes
An idiot?::I'm slightly smarter than an idiot
Do you chatspeak?::can't you tell?
Are you a bad friend?::I think I might be :P
Are you untrustworthy?::no, you can trust me
Unreliable?::I'm reliable... I think lol
Do you pick your nose?::who doesn't?
Are you imperfect?::we all are!
Ugly?::I'm a 30-year-old virgin, what do you think?
Do you have bad hair?::nahh, my hair is in good condition
A big nose?::nope (women w/ big noses are sexy, though!)
Are you shallow?::of course - all guys are lol
Greedy?::nahhh, I can control myself
Do you tell people you love them just to get want you want?::no way, I save that for when I mean it
Do you have any /important/ talents?::ummm... no lol
Do you burp often?::better than coming out the other end
Are you impolite?::sometimes
Sadistic?::a little
Are you a pansy?::yes, and I love it lol
Are you a conformist? (Hot Topic is a mainstream store, by the way.)::there's nothing wrong with conforming
Are you a fan of George W. Bush?::ehh, sure why not
Do you have buck teeth?::nope
Acne?::bacne lol
Mental illnesses?::perfectionist disorder
Are you fake?::nope, all my parts are real ;-)
Does your breath smell?::I don't think so
Do you have a strong body odor?::nope
Do you have bad teeth?::nope
Do you have a bull ring through your nose?::nope
Are you overweight?::unfortunately :P
Do you have a piercing in an inappropriate spot on your body?::not yet ;-)
A tattoo?::not yet ;-)
Are you a wannabe?::yes, and I really wanna zigazag ah
Do you get bad grades?::yup
What's your IQ level?::I scored 140 once
Are you a bad guesser?::yes
Are you slow?::I'm chopped & screwed lol
Are you bad at reading people?::very much so
Are you too nice for your own good?::for sure :P
Do you have a lot of friends?::no lol
Do you give in easily?::yes
Are you stubborn?::nahhh
Are you annoying?::some might say so
Do you enjoy talking about gross, disturbing things?::nahhh
Are you a necrophilliac?::nope
Are you incestual?::nope
Is your room messy?::nope
Do you make fun of other people?::sometimes
Do you respect your body?::nope :P
Are you arrogant?::girls find arrogance hot, right? Then I'm not :P
Do you have low self-esteem?::of course
Are you unique?::nope - plain Joe
Are your hands clammy?::nope
Are you short?::nope
Are you freakishly tall?::nope
Do you like Simple Plan?::Pierre rules :)
Do you believe in God?::absolutely
Do you believe in magic?::''and you know you're the one who can put out the fire...''
True love?::YES!
Hell?::unfortunately :P
Satan?::I deny him
The Lord and Lady?::yup
The Goddess?::you mean Eva Longoria? Or some other goddess? ;-)
The Greek Gods or Goddesses?::nahh
The Pagan Gods or Goddesses?::nahh
Are you an atheist?::nope
Do you believe in fairies?::I have no problem w/ fairies - they were born that way lol
Dragons?::they're hard to kill on Final Fantasy
Unicorns?::they heal your HP and status on Final Fantasy
Santa?::what about him? lol
The Easter Bunny?::it's gotta hurt to lay that many eggs at one time
The Tooth Fairy?::nope
Phoenixes?::I went to Phenix City, AL once and didn't see any, so no
Elves?::he's the King! Oh, wait... you said ''elves''...
Dwarves?::that's a little more P.C. than ''midget''
Mermaids?::only if they're as hot as Ariel
Karma?::isn't she an Internet model?
Do you believe in the Aztec Gods?::nope
Mayan Gods?::nope
Incan Gods?::nope
Do you believe that each different belief creates a new reality?::ow... you're making me think... it hurts
Do you believe in life on other planets?::yup. I saw E.T.
Do you believe in parallel universes?::sure, why not lol
Do you believe that black holes are time portals?::yup. I love the Soundgarden song too. ;-)
Do you believe in Eternity?::yup
Do you believe in evolution?::nope
Do you believe in life after death?::in heaven or hell
What happens to us after we die?::we face judgment day
Do you believe in superheroes?::gotta have something to believe in
Super villains?::sure, why else would superheroes exist? :)
Do you believe in Fate?::yup
That everything has a purpose?::yup
Do you believe that everything revolves around money?::in one way or another
Sex?::not necessarily
Love?::it could have its hand in things
Success?::yup - I'm a perfectionist. Success is everything
Making yourself happy?::yup - why make yourself unhappy?
Making others happy?::that too
Religion?::ehhh, dunno
Do you believe in miracles?::yes!
Do you believe there's a someone for everyone?::absolutely - who wants to be mine? lol
Do you believe in true, selfless happiness?::sure
Do you believe in selfessness at all?::why not?
Do you believe that wishing for something can make it happen?::isn't that what angels & miracles are for?
Do you believe that the means justify the ends?::yup
Do you believe that anything can happen?::nope - there are limits
=>The Basics<=
Gender::I'm a MAN, baby
Happy with it?::not really - other men tend to make me feel bad about being like them
Eye color::blue
Happy with it?::it's the color women prefer ;-)
If not, what would you change it to?::wouldn't change them
Hair color::brown
Happy with it?::kindasorta
If not, what would you change it to?::would love to be blond like I was when I was born
Hair length::to the neck - no mullets here :)
Hair style::straight & parted
Have you ever dyed your hair?::nope
What color?::-
Do you dye your hair frequently?::nope
Has it ever gotten damaged?::nope
Are you clean-shaven?::yup - can't pull off facial hair
What's your body type?::chubby but not fat
Are your fingers long and slender, short and fat, or somewhere in between?::you just made me look at my hands. lol They're kinda short
Thin or full lips?::thin
Thin hair, thick hair, or somewhere in between?::thick
Have you ever had lice?::nope
How old were you?::-
Nicknames::Big Ears, Dumbo, Radar, Big Swoll, Dave (I hate that one)
Happy with them?::sometimes lol
Aliases::Jim Runningwater, I Got A Pass, Pike74, Pike Spice
What made you choose them?::a random conversation in HS about indians, an episode of Beavis & Butthead, a love for Fort Pike & a love for the Spice Girls :)
If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be?::Susan - mom thought I was gonna be a girl
Think of the situation above. What would you want your name to be?::I've always thought Jennifer was a pretty name
If you had a choice, would you drop your last name?::only because I'm tired of spelling it for people
What heritage does your first name imply?::ummmm, Catholic? lol
Middle name?::I have no idea (Michael)
Last name?::that's from Finland
Place of birth::Slidell Memorial Hospital
Date of birth::5-2-74
Nationality::Louisianan lol
Were you named after anyone?::the David in the Bible
Who?::I just told you lol
What side of the family does your name come from?::Mom named me
Did your parents immigrate?::nope - native citizens
How about your grandparents?::they're native too
Your great grandparents?::ummm, dunno
Farther back into your family?::obviously
Where did they emmigrate from?::dad's family is from Finland, mom's from Germany
Where did they immigrate to?::Minnesota & Nebraska respectively
Skin color::whitey
What's your facial structure like?::my ears are big and my eyes look in opposite directions (a la Paris Hilton)
Height::5' 10''
Happy with it?::sure
Happy with it?::no :P
How old are your parents?::retirement age
What's your father's name?::Al
Your mother's?::Helen
Do you have any siblings?::Steve
How old are they?::33
What are their names?::I forgot ;-)
Do you get along with your family?::sure
Do you wish they were different?::nahhh
Were you ever abused by any member of your family?::dad spanked me as a kid, but what dad doesn't?
Were you ever betrayed by a member of your family?::not that I can think of
Did your family ever disown any other member of your family?::nope
If so, why?::-
Who do you get along with most?::my brudda
Month::May - the beginning of summer :)
Year::1996, the year of my life - fell in love for the 1st time, got my 1st kiss, had my 1st relationship, returned to college after a break, bowled my first 600 series
Decade::I love the 80's (strikes back)
Century::the 1800s fascinate me a bit
Animal::persian cat
Movie::PeeWee's Big Adventure
Book::Maxim magazine ;-)
River::the Chattooga, separating GA & SC in the corner. Lots of waterfalls there
Lake::Lake Pontchartrain, what else? lol
Ocean::Atlantic, baby
City::Grand Isle, LA
State::Alabama - I just love that state for some reason
Province::only been to Ontario
Place to go in your neighborhood::Bi-Lo. I find myself going there a lot lol
Person::just one favorite person? ummm.... Jesus, I guess
Relative::Aunt Cheryl is cool
Pet::Kwigybo :)
Actor::Michael Douglas
Actress::Jennifer Lopez (good actress, bad singer lol)
Celebrity::lemme think about that for a moment. THE SPICE GIRLS!
Musician::one musician? I guess Tommy Lee
Singer::Dexter Holland of the Offspring. What a voice!
Band::take a guess ;-)
Movie genre::dumb comedies (as opposed to romantic comedies)
Book genre::magazines
Play genre::don't see plays
Poem::don't have one
Writer::don't have one of those either
Song::Freestyle's ''Don't stop the rock''
Sport::football (the american game, not soccer lol)
Drink::the Dew :)
Food::pepperoni pizza
Brand of cereal::hmmm... Count Chocula?
Candy bar::Snickers Cruncher
Disney princess::Cinderella
Disney prince::Prince Charming
Disney villain::the Grinch
Disney character::was Shrek a Disney character?
CD::Metallica's ''Load'', a.k.a. the sellout album (those fans are stupid for saying that about that masterpiece!)
Videogame::Killer Instinct
Computer game::M.U.L.E.
Game::52-card pickup ;-)
Board game::Connect 4
Word game::Jumble
Clothing style::white - I like wearing white shirts & I like seeing white jeans on women ;-)
Truth or dare question::never played
Fairy tale::dunno
Lullaby::don't have one
Mythological creature::dunno
Miscellaneous item::porn ;-)
Storybook character::dunno
Movie character::Elle Woods from ''Legally Blonde''. I want a girl like that!
Play character::don't have one
Musical character::don't have one
College::UL-Lafayette, a.k.a. USL, baby! Ragin Cajun!
Football team::the Aints ;-)
Soccer team::(in my best british accent) Manchester United
Tennis player::Maria Sharapova. Yum.
Hockey team::don't like hockey
Basketball team::the Zags :)
Baseball team::dem Yankees
Swimmer::don't have one
Track star::don't have one
Vegetable::choppin' broccoli
Toothpaste brand::Crest
Type of computer::one with a cable modem connection ;-)
Medication::lol Don't have to take any medicines
Poison::the Alice Cooper song
Type of sword::samurai
Type of gun::don't like guns
Planet::Earth. Duh.
Space feature::the sun
Breed of cat::those fuzzy & stupid persians
Dog::weenie dogs
Fish::don't like fish
Penguin::don't like penguins
Species of crustacean::don't like crustaceans
Insect::dragonflies. They're our friends since they only attack other insects
Pair of socks::ones without holes
Scooby-Doo character::Shaggy. Zoinks.
Spongebob Squarepants character::Spongebob rules!
Quote::Lil Jon yelling ''What????''
Adage::hmm... dunno
President::George Washington, the pioneer president
Astrological sign::Taurus, baby
Chinese zodiac sign::dunno
Short story::Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after.
Word::quadrangular. It makes me laugh whenever I hear it
Definition::don't have one
Time period::the 10am hour
Dictionary brand::Webster, of course
Series of books::magazines
Publishing company::dunno
Illustrator::don't have one
Artist::don't have one
Childhood story::don't have one
Childhood memory::watching the Jetsons before school, then watching You Can't Do That On Television after school
Facial expression::smiles :)
Serial killer::lol don't like them!
Medieval torture device::chinese water torture is pretty evil
Instrument::wanna see my instrument? ;-)
Brand of chocolate::dark chocolate, baby
Candy::Jelly Bellies
Brand of candy::hmmm... Willy Wonka?
Time of day::late mornings
Codename Amour and Adori use::huh?
Inside joke::''It's looking at you funny!''
Joke::From Steven Wright: I went to the cinema and the sign said 'Adults $5, children $2.50'. I said ''all right, give me 2 boys and a girl.''
Scent::Tide liquid detergent. Love it
Onomotapoeia::beep beep!
=>The Ideal Mate<=
Hair color::brunette (but that's not to say I would make exceptions lol)
Hair length::long
Hair style::styled or permed
Eye color::no preference
Skin color::no preference
Any makeup?::yes! I love makeup
Clothing style::no preference, however no nudists lol
Shy or outgoing?::shy
Happy or depressed?::happy!
Funny or serious?::both
Abusive or kind?::a little of both?
Respectful or perverted?::a little of both, since I am ;-)
Completely describe their personality::non-bitchy, non-golddigging, loves men not boys, down to earth
This is another space if you need it::-
Ideal height::5' 10'' - I've never dated someone my height
Ideal weight::no preference
Body type::dependant on the girl - some look good skinny, some with weight
Completely describe their appearances::not dirty, no leg hair or armpit hair
This is another space if you need it::bonus points if she looks like Eva Longoria ;-)
Cup size or condom size::no preference, as long as she has some boobage going on lol
Masochistic or sadistic?::I can deal with either lol
Conformist or nonconformist?::either
Artistic or athletic?::artistic b/c I'm not athletic
Intellectual or unintelligent?::dumb girls bug me, so intellectual
Complex or simple?::simple - what guy would be with a complex girl?
What would their hobbies be?::spending nights in instead of hitting bars & parties
Interests?::me ;-)
Obsessions::the penis lol
Would they hug you often?::sure
Kiss you often?::I should only be so lucky! lol
Would they frequently tell you that they loved you?::sure
Have you already found your ideal mate?::nope
Or as close as someone can get?::yup.... and she left before we could meet (long story)
Would you have sex often, never, or sometimes?::sometimes - I have a low sex drive
Are you in love?::only with the Spice Girls :)
What will you do together?::go to the beach or mountains, bowl, take surveys ;-)
Your ideal date::having one lol
Your ideal wedding::in the cathedral at St. Augustine, FL
How many kids?::0
What will their names be?::-
What do you think they would look like?::hopefully not me lol
Will you even have kids?::probably not, but who knows
If not, why?::I'm not fit to be a father, and this I know for a fact
Will you even get married?::I'd be open to it
If no, why?::-
Are you taken or single?::single, baby
Least favorite color::grey :P
President::hmmm.... don't think I have a least favorite prez.
Actor::will have to get back to you on that one
Actress::Jessica Simpson :P
Director::Quentin Tarantino - too violent for me
Celebrity::Paris Hilton - why is she a celebrity again?
Artist::don't have one
Illustrator::don't have one
Poet::don't have one
Writer::don't have one
Band::Nine Inch Nails
Musician::P. Diddy (if you can call him a musician)
Singer::that guy from Coheed & Cambria
Food::scalloped potatoes :P
Vegetable::brussel sprouts
Candy::anything cinnamon flavored
Candy bar::Zero
Brand of chocolate::white chocolate
Skittles flavor::they're all the same, aren't they? lol
Month::February - it's cold & Valentine's Day is in the middle of it
Year::1990 was a horrible year for me, but at least that year I started to learn to drive
Century::hmmm.... dunno
Millenium::the first (years 0-999) because we don't know much about them
Era::don't have one
Time period::from midnight to 5am - it's so boring then
Battle of the Civil War::Appomattox - that's where the south surrendered
War::Vietnam :P
Battle of WWII::don't know any
Battle of American Revolution::don't know any
Genius::least favorite genius? ummm... don't have one
Genus of plant::Venus flytraps
Flower::roses. They smell like poo-poo-poo. ;-)
Tree::don't have one
Hair color::purple
Eye color::don't have one
Fairy tale::don't have one
Disney princess::don't have one
Disney villain::don't have one
Disney prince::don't have one
Movie character::Drago from Rocky 4. He scared me as a kid
Play character::don't have one
Book character::don't have one
Musical character::don't have one
Play::don't have one
Musical::don't have one
Person::hmmmm... I dunno. Terrell Owens?
Brand of cereal::Grape Nuts. Yuck.
Brand of battery::generics die too easily
Mental illness::sleepwalkers scare me
Medication::meth lol
Serial killer::all of them
Poison::all of them
Type of sword::daggers
Type of gun::all of them
Toothpaste brand::Aquafresh
Scent::sulphur (rotten eggs, stink bombs)
Taste::hot peppers
Sound::cars booming their bass and all you can hear is boom-boom-boom
Sexual position::lol anal looks uncomfortable
Article of clothing::camouflage
=>What do you think Of...<=
Ugly people?::I'm a member :P
Pretty people?::they're conceited and look down on us uglies
Bald people?::a good look for some people
Scrawny African children?::sympathetic
Religion?::God's watching
Politics?::everyone thinks they can run the country/world, but I trust our leaders
Abortion?::forgiveable if the baby was a result of rape or the birth would result in health problems
Church?::never understood their importance, even though I attended as a kid
Separation of church and state?::this is one nation under God, it was started that way, leave it that way
Blondes?::they get a bad rap, but at the same time, they only fuel the stereotype ;-)
Brunettes?::they're hot hot hot!
Redheads?::women find them pretty more so than guys do
Mainstream rock?::you mean stuff like Hawthorne Heights? It's overdone but some good bands seep through :)
Abercrombie?::don't care
Pop music?::I love it, always have, always will
Classic rock?::boring, except Elvis, of course lol
Roleplaying?::I'd be up for it as long as I didn't find my role too creepy
Emo music?::indifferent
Ignorance?::it's bliss sometimes
Stupidity?::it's a disease in the south lol
Mental retardation?::sympathetic
My friend, Kcaiyettlyinnee?::who cares besides you? lol
Friends?::everyone needs them
Disrespect?::if you don't show respect, you don't deserve it back
Immaturity?::it's fun :)
Republicans?::I'm one :P
Democrats?::it's all so wrong! lol
George W. Bush?::wrongly given a lot of disrespect
Your mom? (OH, BURN.)::poor thing left too early
My mom?::is she single? lol
Me?::are you single? (and a girl? lol)
This survey?::I'm over halfway done!
Dry walls?::ehhhh
Painted walls?::as long as it's not an ugly shade
Drugs?::for medicine, good. For fun, bad
Alcohol?::it's stupid, tastes horrible & makes people risk their lives
Prostitution?::what's the big deal? She wants money for sex. So do wives!
Premarital sex?::if it happens, it happens. Would you marry someone who was bad in bed?
Teenage sex?::it's going to happen regardless, so teach them to be safe
People?::get to know the good ones, ignore the bad ones
Your classmates?::most of them picked on me
Your co-workers?::they ain't too bright
Your school?::SHS was boring
Your family?::dysfunctional but still talking lol
My family?::don't know em
Your mental health?::I like being a nice guy but it irks me at times
My mental health?::you need a lobotomy lol
Falling asleep holding a stuffed animal?::creepy for adults & teenagers
Your life?::it could be better but it could be worse
My life?::you're still alive, so what can you do? lol
The color green?::green trees mean warm weather is here! Yay!
Food?::gotta have it
Electricity?::gotta have it
Niagra falls?::I so want to go!
Cataracts?::lol no opinion
Bridges?::things of greatness
Television?::mindless fun
Fairy tales?::just dreams
Hollywood?::Eva Longoria lives there, right? ;-)
MTV?::I miss videos
What are you feeling?::myself
Smelling?::nothing since I have a cold
Seeing?::my puter screen
Hearing?::my iPod
Doing?::filling out this survey
Who are you talking to online?::no one
On the phone?::no one
What room of the house are you in?::living room
Are you cold?::nope
Bored?::yup lol
Hot?::I wish I was hot lol
Do you look nice?::nope
What are you wearing?::torn clothes
Are you eating anything?::my tongue
Drinking anything?::finished a cherry Pepsi
What's your heart rate?::dunno
What brand of shoes are you wearing?::barefoot
What are you wishing for?::that I get 2 weeks of vacation in a row in the summer
What are you worried about?::filling out this whole survey, then the puter crashing or not generating the HTML code lol
Sad about?::I have to work 9 nights in a row
Happy about?::I'm going to south Georgia after those 9 nights :)
Angry about?::writing people on Myspace, them reading my msg & not responding
Serious about?::God
Laughing about?::guys who show up at my store at 4am alone b/c they couldn't get a girl to go home with them
Talking about?::nothing
Typing about?::this survey... duh
Who are your friends?::people who don't dislike me lol
Your best friends?::people who don't dislike me who have known me for a long time
Who do you hang out with most?::myself
Who do you treat the best?::all my friends
Who treats you the best?::most of them
Do you even have friends?::lol shhh!
If so, why are you taking this survey?::no comment ;-)
Who's the funny one?::Steve
The smart one?::Kathy
The depressed one?::I don't make friends w/ depressing people
The punk?::don't think I have any punk friends
The goth?::Pat, a.k.a. the Trenchcoat
The prep?::me lol
The jock?::don't think I have any jock friends
The outcast?::Pat
The stupid one?::me lol
The one who you think will kill someone one day?::dunno. Steph? lol ;-)
The annoying one?::me
The hyper one?::Steph
The oblivious one?::Megs? lol
The romantic?::my brudda
The pervert?::me
The content one?::me
The liar?::don't know. Who's been lying? Show of hands!
The cheapskate?::me
The ominous one?::Megs?
The disrespectful one?::dunno
The abusive one?::don't have abusive friends
The hot one?::Tonya
The ugly one?::me
The one that hates you?::he/she wouldn't be a friend, would they?
The one that hates you, but hangs out with you anyway?::none
The back-up one?::dunno
The fighter?::don't have any fight friends (that I know of)
The lover?::all of us? :)
The hippie?::don't think I have any hippie friends. Kathy, are you a hippie?
The druggie?::don't make friends w/ druggies
The alcoholic?::don't know
The one that's recovering?::dunno
The one that's in jail?::lol none
The one that is most likely to be in jail?::heh. I dunno. Hopefully not me
The one that's going to be executed?::none of us
The most likely to be murdered?::egads, hopefully none of us
The most likely to be committed to a mental hospital?::lol Steve ;-)
The most likely to stay there forever?::lol none of us
The normal one?::me
The conformist?::me
The nonconformist?::Keith
The masochistic one?::me
The sadistic one?::hmmm... dunno
The weird one?::Steve
The musical one?::Keith
The artistic one?::Keith
The perfect one?::we're not perfect
The literary genius?::(or ''nerd'', as it's commonly known lol) me
The fugitive?::me?
The juvenille delinquint?::Steph :)
The Jewish one?::don't think I have any Jewish friends
The Christian one?::me
The Buddhist one?::none
The Muslim one?::none
The Hindu one?::none that I know
The Catholic one?::Steve?
The Wiccan one?::none
The atheist?::none that I know
The agnostic?::me
The cutter?::none
The anorexic one?::none
The bulimic one?::none
The skinny one?:: not me lol
The thin one?::isn't that the same as skinny?
The fat one?::me lol
The obese one?::don't think I have any friends who are obese
The Satanic one?::none!
=>Have you Ever...<=
Gone on a cruise?::not yet
Beaten someone up?::nope
Been beaten up?::nope
Bullied someone?::nope
Been bullied?::yup
Attempted suicide?::nope
Attempted murder?::nope
Nearly died?::nope
Broken the law?::yup
Stolen something?::yup
Had an abortion?::lol nope
Known the president?::nope
Had an affair with the president?::lol shhh!
Met a famous person?::does the local weatherman count?
Masturbated?::lol who doesn't!
Gotten drunk?::nope
Gotten high?::nope
Had masochistic sex?::nope
Had an affair?::nope
Been out of the country?::nope
Out of state?::yup
Out of your town?::yup
Written a poem?::yup
A story?::yup
A novel?::nope
A song?::nope
Gotten published?::yup, in my school's paper :)
Written a love poem?::yup
Said that you hated the world?::nope
Finished school?::high school :)
Flunked a grade?::nope
Flunked a test?::of course, who hasn't
Flunked a subject?::yup
Read a book for enjoyment?::nope lol
Bungee jumped?::nope
Been to a dance?::nope
Suba dived?::nope
Broken a bone?::nope
Gotten a nose bleed?::nope
Had an orgasm?::lol yup ;-)
Suffered from psychosis?::nope
Wished you could get away with something?::yup
Thought of killing someone?::unfortunately :P
Thought of killing yourself?::as a teen
Saved someone's life?::nope
Saved your own?::haven't been in any life-threatening situations
Gone to the beach?::love it
Gone fishing?::nope
Gone to an island?::yup
Died in a dream?::nope
Had a dream that came true?::don't think so
Kissed someone in the rain?::nope
Gotten pregnant?::lol no ;-)
Eaten calamari?::nope
Helped anybody during the holidays?::yup
Helped a stranger?::yup
Kissed a stranger?::nope
Hugged a stranger?::yup
Had sex with a stranger?::lol no
=>Can You...<=
Kiss your elbow?::probably
Touch your nose with your tongue?::nope
Stick your fist in your mouth?::nope
Touch your toes?::yup
Give away money?::yup
Marry a family member?::lol no
Hire an assassin?::nope
Get ahold of drugs?::nope
Stay up all night?::yup
Stay up for /ten/ nights?::nope
Finish this survey?::almost there, aren't I? lol
Draw well?::nope
Sing well?::moderately
Write well?::kinda
Eat a box of chocolates in an hour?::lol no
Eat an entire package of Oreos in a half an hour?::no :)
Without milk?::-
Predict the future?::nope
=>Would you Ever...<=
Sacrifice everything for a friend?::everything? Sorry, can't do that
A lover?::can't do that either
Give your life for a friend?::oy. I dunno
A lover?::dunno... maybe
Give your life to save a stranger's?::don't think I can
Post yourself having sex up on the Internet?::lol who'd wanna watch me have sex?
Sell yourself?::nope
Have cyber sex?::done it ;-)
Real sex?::of course
With who?::Eva Longoria lol
Here's an extra space if you need one::and I guess Kelly Ripa, Kristin Chenoweth, Stacy Keibler, Mya, Mel C, Dawn Yanek, an NFL cheerleader...
Lie to a friend?::if it would protect his/her feelings
Lie to your parents?::nope
Lie to a lover?::nope, because girlfriends have a way of finding out the truth lol
Steal from your parents?::nope
Hug them in public?::yup
Blow up your house?::lol no!
Abuse someone?::nope
Use someone?::nope
Recommend this survey to a friend?::lol sure
=>Would you ever Be...<=
A fireman?::nope, although I respect the job they do
Policeman?::same thing
Serial killer?::nope
Doctor?::don't have the smarts
Prostitute?::lol how much do you think I could get? ;-)
Playboy model?::I'd love to be in Playgirl!
Ninja?::lol nope
Darth Vader?::nope
Forensic scientist?::nope
Box-carrier?::lol I carry boxes at work, yes :)
Store clerk?::that's what I am now lol
Banker?::I could do that
Target?::lol nope
Professional wrestler?::no way
Tennis player?::nope
Rapper?::I'm too white
Country singer?::don't know enough about its history
Pop star?::sure
Plastic surgeon?::nope
Is the sky blue?::because a green sky would be ugly?
Is the world round?::so we don't fall off the edges
Is the world unfair?::ask the people on top :P
Are most people selfish?::they're trying to get on top
Impolite?::they're thinking of themselves
Disrespectful?::they're xenophobic
Conforming?::they don't trust their own judgments (and I include myself lol)
Are there religions?::I don't know. As a Christian, I like to think there's only one God
Theories?::people don't want to believe that one God can do it all
Opinions?::different ways of being raised
Are humans so intelligent?::would you want to live in a world run by primates? lol
Do we need air?::that's the way God meant for us
Do we age?::another thing God did
Do we die?::the world would be too crowded if people lived forever
Can't pigs fly?::sure they can - buy them a ticket ;-)
Is there cheddar cheese in the world?::dunno lol
Swiss?::someone hated cheese so much he shot holes in it?
American?::it's yummy :)
Are you taking this?::because it's a challenge to answer 1000 questions lol
=>When was the last Time...<=
You brushed your teeth?::before bed
Took a shower?::after bed :)
Ate?::after I showered
Drank?::just now
Drank an alcoholic beverage?::when I had a sip of wine during mom's funeral
Took a pill?::took an Advil after I ate
You got your photograph taken?::last time I was at Hooters
You got caught doing something bad?::probably my last speeding ticket
Had sex?::hasn't happened yet :P
Dyed your hair?::never
Hurt someone physically?::don't think I ever have
Hurt someone emotionally?::probably when I broke up with my last cyber-gf
Did your homework?::ummm... spring of 2000? lol
Hung out with your friends?::dunno
Got drunk?::don't do that
Got high?::don't do that
Said:just now
Said:just then ;-)
Took a survey?::some time ago
Won a contest?::a radio promotion in 98. I got a free Mix 104.1 shirt & coffee mug. Hoorah for me lol
Went out on a date?::too long ago
Had a strong sexual drive?::heh... early in my college days
=>Word Association<=
Lights.:camera, action
Music.:make you lose control!
Candles.:in the wind
Closet.:out of
Onomotapoeia.:beep beep, who got the keys to the Jeep? Vroooom...
Egypt.:Egyptian Lover, baby
Corey.:Hart (I wear my sunglasses at night...)
Mirror.:on the wall
Case.:mate (a casemate is the outer wall of a fort)
Cage.:Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat
Nutella.:not telling?
Bird.:man! (Baby of Cash Money)
Personality.:changed. The kid Cassidy, this is for the hood...
Dilemna.:Kelly Rowland :)
Ball.:to the wall
THE END. Congratulations.
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