Oh, Those Smiles!

You hear these phrases often:
"Look at those eyes!"
"Look at that outfit!"
"Look at those breasts!"

But, how often do you hear:
"Look at that smile!"?

Smiles may not get as much publicity as a woman's eyes or breasts, but they do not go unnoticed!

A beautiful smile is my personal #1 turn-on. A beautiful smile can be contagious and it can do wonders for you when you're feeling low.

That's why I made this page: to pay tribute to those ladies I've seen with smiles that can both stop traffic and melt a man's heart!

The galleries:

Gallery Name
Creation Date
Main Gallery
The original 4-page gallery!
New smiles
More smiles
Even More smiles
Yet more smiles
Still more smiles
Finally, more smiles
Guess what? More smiles!
Smiles for Summer 2001
Can't Ever Get Sick of Smiles
A Much Needed Smiles Update
Geez... How Many More Great Smiles Can I Find?
The final update to this page

On a high-speed connection or have a lot of patience?

View all galleries of smiles on one page!

In the galleries, you'll find just that: nothing but BEAUTIFUL SMILES. I've gone through my collection of JPG's, through pictures of girls I've seen/met online, and even scanned some pics from magazines or captured from TV and have cropped them to show just their faces and of course their wonderful smiles. If one particular smile catches your eye, send me e-mail and I can send you the original JPG from where I got the pic from.

Be warned: the galleries may be a bit too perky! Proceed with caution!

And for any girls out there wondering what my smile looks like: here you go!

Made with LOVE

This page started its madness on Mar. 16, 1998 by none other than that goof, Pike Spice.
E-mail: gsp@pikespice.com